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Jan Brown & Associates is a leading, world-class court reporting agency. We are a one-stop solution for high-quality deposition and litigation support services.

We have been in business for over thirty years, and our goal remains the same – to be the preferred provider of court reporting and related services. Jan Brown & Associates provides the most experienced, technically-trained reporters, videographers and trial technicians in the industry.

Court reporting is our wheelhouse – let our court reporters set your mind at ease. Whether for a deposition, trial, arbitration or hearing, Jan Brown & Associates will provide you the best reporter any time, anywhere in the world. We specialize in multi-party, multi-jurisdictional cases, and handpick our reporters just for you!

As a forward-thinking organization, Jan Brown & Associates remains abreast of the latest tools, technologies, and practices in the field. As such, our deliverables include digital, searchable PDF transcripts with exhibits bundled as attachments, and delivered electronically through our secure cloud repository in your preferred format.

  • Intellectual property specialists serving your needs coast to coast
  • Our reporters are handpicked for their expertise in case subject matters
  • Consistently use the same reporters for your cases
  • Experienced Intellectual Property interpreters
  • Certified realtime reporters

High Quality Transcripts

  • Complimentary condensed transcript
  • Transcripts with scanned & linked exhibits on DVD-R or through online (discless) delivery
  • Word Index
  • Document scanning
  • Online cloud repository
  • Audio file transcription

Experts in All Phases of Reporting

  • High-Tech / Patent / Intellectual Property Cases
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Arbitrations
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Construction Cases
  • Automobile Accidents

Rough-Draft Transcripts

In a rush? Rough draft legal transcripts can give you the advantage. The rough draft can aid in preparing for the next deposition and can also be easily shared with co-counsel or experts. A rough draft legal deposition transcript can deliver many advantages, including eliminating the need for notetaking, thus increasing the attorney’s comprehension and control.

Real-time court reporting allows you to read what is being said as it is being said and the option of a rough transcript for immediate use. View and annotate transcripts live during testimony. You can also search, mark key sections, and outline, all during testimony. Our real-time court reporters are experienced in real-time reporting with the highest credentials available in our profession.

They can also assist you in all the technical details such as set-up and connections, or simply set everything up for you with the screens, notebooks and devices they bring to your deposition. Save the transcript file and leave the deposition with your notes.

Use Jan Brown & Associates for your next arbitration proceeding. Jan Brown & Associates’ network of reporters are highly trained, and can provide everything you need for your next arbitration process. Our arbitration proceeding services include reliable realtime transcription, video feeds and conference rooms. Whether you want a rough or final transcript each day, or the next day, just let us know.

High-Quality Transcripts

Just like our court reporting services, Jan Brown & Associates arbitration reporters are punctual, prepared and able to research industry-specific terminology and nomenclature for transcript quality assurance.

Realtime Feeds

Whether you need an interactive real-time feed for reference inside the room of the arbitration, or would like to transmit a feed to others observing the proceedings off-site, Jan Brown & Associates can set up a live, interactive feed to wherever required using hardware and software that we provide.

Conference Rooms

Jan Brown & Associates offers conference rooms for arbitrations in our Financial District location, where we have multiple breakout rooms.

Call us at (800) 522-7096 to schedule your next arbitration.

Text Streaming

With our real-time text streaming services, a Jan Brown & Associates court reporter streams text from their machine through an online feed to remote participants. It allows participants to see a translation of the court reporter’s stenotype as it is being typed in real-time remotely.

Our text streaming services can be combined with audio and video streaming for the most optimum communication arrangement for all participants. See our Videography section for more info on video streaming.

Are you in San Francisco and looking for a conference room? Jan Brown & Associates offers conference rooms in our Financial District location. Jan Brown & Associates provides conference rooms for all your deposition needs, providing you with private spaces for your depositions. Our deposition facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as teleconferencing equipment, wireless internet, projectors and videoconferencing equipment to facilitate remote conferencing. Additionally, our staff is available to support you should you need technical assistance, for anything ranging from videoconferencing set-up to things as simple as enabling wi-fi access.

Need a meeting room in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Jan Brown & Associates provides conference room facilities at our downtown San Francisco location in the Financial District. Out-of-town and local Bay Area firms are welcome to use this well-equipped space for their depositions.
  • Larger conference rooms (with seating accommodating up to 10 to 12 occupants)
  • Smaller conference room (with seating accommodating 3 to 6 occupants)
  • Complimentary coffee, snacks and water
  • Conveniently located and accessible by car or public transportation. Our offices are a 10-minute walk from the Embarcadero BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station and a 15-minute drive to the San Francisco Caltrain Station. BART provides direct service to both San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK).
  • Video-conferencing capabilities
  • High-speed internet connections
  • Speakerphones with conference calling capabilities
  • Printing, copying and faxing equipment and facilities
Call us at (800) 522-7096 or use our “Contact Us” page to reserve our conference rooms.

Trial presentations are an extremely effective tool for helping jurors visualize and understand your complex case. With the right trial presentation, you can keep jurors engaged while enhancing their memory of your most important points.

The digital revolution has transformed courtroom presentations. What are the benefits of a digital trial presentation over its mechanical, analog counterpart?

Magnified Evidence

Display large images of exhibits on courtroom monitors and large projection screens.

Increased Speed & Efficiency

The difference in efficiency between a mechanical presentation and a digital courtroom presentation is like that between a typewriter and a word processor.

Increased Flexibility & Responsiveness.

Move quickly between exhibits and present evidence in a non-linear, mosaic fashion – the way the human mind works – making your case more intelligible to judges, juries, arbitrators, and mediators.

Paperless Multimedia Presentation

However you choose to present your case, we can display the evidence. This includes all documents, photos, videos, trial documents, medical illustrations, and 3D animations.

Live Annotation

This interactive approach will guide jurors through the case. Make your key points prominent with our ability to zoom-in, highlight, rotate, juxtapose, draw on, and annotate live in the courtroom.

Data Visualization

Quantitative data can be visualized with graphs and charts.

Effortless Video Clip Creation

Video depositions may be segmented at any level of granularity – at the level of a word, or at the level of an entire paragraph.

Higher Engagement

Vivify your documents, photographs, graphics, video, and other exhibits with dynamic animations, transitions and other ornamentation to engage your audience

While some lawyers try to handle the digital computing and communication equipment themselves, it is best to hire an expert courtroom technician who will be there to support you throughout the trial, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting the courtroom equipment.

Before trial, our team works to construct an organized database of your important documents. You’ll be able to easily access these files whenever you need them.

During the trial, we’ll operate all the software and audio-visual equipment necessary to display your documents, graphics, and videos. By hiring Jan Brown & Associates, your trial team gains a valuable member whose skill and experience will allow you to seamlessly present exhibits and evidence.

We have the hardware, the software, and the experts to present your exhibits and video to the judge and jury using Trial Director, Sanction, Visionary, OnCue, TrialPad, ExhibitView or PowerPoint. Our trial presentation specialists will storyboard, sequence and design the presentation you have in mind, digitize all documents and build presentations that tell a powerful story and win cases.

Whatever your trial presentation needs, we make it happen.

Let Jan Brown & Associates relieve you of having to lug around thick legal transcripts and countless exhibits. Jan Brown & Associates can scan all exhibits and upload transcripts for storage on our online cloud repository. You can download these at your convenience or we can email them to you in a digital (PDF) format.

The digital exhibits themselves are linked to the transcript for ease of reference. We can also provide document indexing, imaging and copying services, including oversized and color copying of blueprints and photographs.

Paperless Deposition Exhibits

  • Access and display exhibits from any device
  • Minimize paper, shipping and related costs
  • Easily organize, copy and share exhibits
  • Annotatable and highlightable

The online cloud repository completely replaces physical media (CDs and DVDs) and paper repositories and offers a highly efficient way of managing large, multi-party, multi-location cases.

From intellectual property claims to construction defects, to insurance matters, the sheer quantity of information needing review can be daunting at best. With our online cloud repository you can access all of your transcripts, synchronized transcript and video, and exhibits from any device, any time and anywhere internet access is available.

Jan Brown & Associates provides the highest level of security to ensure that your client’s confidential, personal information, medical records, financial data, or trade secrets are protected and secure. We handle it on a large scale and take information security seriously.

For more information feel free to contact us!

We are experts in global deposition services. Around the world and around the clock, Jan Brown & Associates is dedicated to providing superior litigation support, legal support personnel, legal transcription and videography services for legal professionals worldwide. By utilizing the most cutting edge deposition technology and expert staff available 24 hours a day – every day – we ensure efficiency and accuracy for all your legal needs.

At Jan Brown & Associates we devote our customized services to meet your ever-changing deadlines and case specific requests. With our enhanced methods for court reporting, transcription, legal videography, trial presentation, videoconferencing, legal copying and scanning and interpreters in all languages, we will empower you with the confidence and organization vital to gaining the competitive edge.

Delivered live, right to your screen. Virtual remote depositions allow everyone involved in the deposition to participate remotely simply by using their webcam-equipped computers or mobile devices with an Internet connection. See and hear the deponent and all the other participants live without actually being in the room. It’s the most cost-effective way to participate in a deposition.

Most state legislatures and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have recognized that communications technology can make pretrial discovery more cost-effective and efficient, and can accelerate the disposition of a case.

Thus, formal procedures have been enacted in most jurisdictions to conduct depositions by virtual remote electronic and telephonic means. Most state rules of civil procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provide for depositions via telephone. Jan Brown & Associates is familiar with the rules and can help you set up your next virtual remote deposition. So, contact us today!

Interpreters are available to assist you in court trials, depositions, hearings, business meetings, immigration appointments, employee trainings, examinations under oath, conferences, or any other matter where flawless communication is crucial. Our translators are available to clearly translate and transcribe documents, audio, and video.

The court reporter and the interpreter share the challenges and goals of making the verbatim recorded transcript, which is why we always provide the best of both.

We are dedicated to helping you with your court reporting needs around the world. Our court reporters are experienced in international reporting so you can be confident that you will receive a flawless transcript on time with no hassle. We are devoted to offering you unsurpassed service.

Let us help you arrange your travel, your accommodations, your conference room, your interpreter, and your videographer.

We have all the country specific entry and exit requirements in accordance with the United States Department of State.

We guarantee you the professionalism and dependability you deserve.

Experience the best in legal services.

Choosing Jan Brown & Associates means you’re backed by a talented crew of Certified Shorthand Reporters, Videographers, and staff who will deliver impeccable customer service.