1. JBA provides the best in professional legal video services. Making a video record of a deposition allows the jury and everyone involved in the case to see the demeanor of a witness in a way that cannot be conveyed on the printed page. We have the videographers of choice for video depositions and site inspections. In addition, we offer video presentation at trial, video editing, tape duplication, photographic services, focus groups, mock trials, and large group presentations of any type. We have the experience, the equipment and the professionals.

Worldwide Deposition &

Videography Services

  1. Videotaping Services

  2. We can provide a legal video professional to videotape depositions, demonstrative evidence, site inspections, and reenactments.

  3. Need something special or unusual? Just ask!

  1. Editing Services

  2. We can provide video editing services. We have extensive in-house video capabilities and we can turn around copies quickly and provide the very best in video editing.

  3. Sustained objections can be deleted prior to trial presentation. Specific clips of key testimony can be presented to the jury.

  4. Duplication Services

  5. We can duplicate CD, DVD, audiotapes and any other format in any quantity. We can also convert your videotapes or audiotapes to CD or DVD.

  1. Transcript Synchronizing Services

  2. We can synchronize your transcript to audio or video.

  3. Trial Presentation

  4. We can provide the equipment and a professional operator to present your video to the judge and jury.

  5. Photographic Services

  6. We can provide traditional photographic services. We produce prints, slides and enlargements to your specifications.

  7. Timestamp Synchronization

  8. Timestamp synchronization between the transcript and video for easy cross referencing, at no extra charge.

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