Video Depositions and Video Synchronization

Making a video record of a deposition allows the jury or others involved in the case to see the demeanor of a witness in a way that cannot be conveyed on the printed page. A compelling visual argument is the reason so many firms require video for every deposition ordered. Our services include depositions, courtroom/trial presentation, day-in-the-life videos, site inspections, and focus groups. We have the most skilled videographers ensuring that each question is answered in full HD and delivered within a tight time frame.

Video synching combines the video of a deposition with the transcript in a way that utilizes the advantages of both. The end product is the video digitally synchronized with the corresponding transcript and allows the user a multitude of options and flexibility for their video depositions.

Simply click on the line of dialog in the transcript and the corresponding footage is prompted at the exact moment the testimony is delivered.

Audio Transcription

Quality assurance is key to a successful transcription. We catch the difficult words, do the research, and produce accurate transcripts.  Transcripts are delivered in your preferred format. 


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