Real-Time Depositions

Real-time allows you to read what is being said as it is being said and leaves you with a rough transcript for immediate use. View and annotate transcripts live during testimony. You can also search, mark key sections, and outline, all during testimony. Our court reporters are experienced in real-time reporting with the highest credentials available in our profession. 

They can also assist you in all the technical details such as set-up and connections, or simply set everything up for you with the laptop/iPads they bring to your deposition. Save the transcript file and leave the deposition with the rough transcript and your notes.

Rough Draft Transcripts

In a rush? Rough draft transcripts can give you the advantage. The rough draft can aid in preparing for the next deposition and can also be easily shared with co-counsel or experts. A rough draft transcript can deliver many advantages, including eliminating the need for notetaking, thus increasing the attorney’s comprehension and control.


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