Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property litigation is complex, often exhibit and transcript heavy, requiring a proficient approach to litigation support. Jan Brown & Associates offers well-organized case files, along with an easy to access online repository at no additional cost.

Jan Brown & Associates has more than 20 years of experience in providing deposition and trial services for IP disputes. Whether your case is filed in Federal Court or with the USITC, we can help you professionally manage the deposition process. Our skilled reporters and expert staff meet the challenges involved in coordinating hundreds of highly-technical depositions, working with multiple parties in various jurisdictions, and organizing volumes of key testimony – all within a tight time frame.

List of Intellectual Property Services

  1. Patents

  2. Trademarks

  3. Copyright

  4. Industrial design rights

  5. Plant varieties

  6. Trade secrets

“I choose to use Jan Brown & Associates as the court reporters of choice on all of my cases because their court reporters are consummate professionals, a pleasure to work with, and truly understand the needs of litigators. They go the extra mile to make our lives easier.

Their transcripts are always clean, and they make the rough and final transcripts available immediately. They take the time to ensure accurate reporting, especially on complex litigation, including intellectual property matters.”

Quyen Ta, Esq. Partner, Keker & Van Nest


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